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x9999 Online

Players in game: 198

[UPDATE] 08.06.2024



I hope this patch will make everyone happy


  • Improved PvP balance between classes
  • In PvP, elemental damage is reduced
  • Introduce a new GPs section in Moss Merchant
  • Removed the flags section in xShop (GPs) and put it into Moss Merchant
  • Removed Pentagram and Capsule in xShop (GPs) and put it into Moss Merchant
  • Introduce Last Man Standing event: NPC will respawn in Devias (213,45). When enough players join (5 players), the event can start, and it will require 50 Jewels of Bless to join
  • Fixed Mysterios Stone did not work properly
  • Improved Swell of Life (Dark Knight) with a better formula
  • Increase rate chance when upgrade Guardian pets
  • Reduced Stamina Increase (Rage Fighter)
  • Reduced Circle Shield (Grow Lancer)
  • Reduced Soul Barrier (Dark Wizard) when buff to other players
  • Added Blessing of Spirit to the Elemental Rune section in Moss Merchant
  • Added Jasper Necklace and Lapis Lazuli Necklace to the GPs section in Moss Merchant
  • Improved PvM damage for certain classes
  • Added NPC fast move to elite spot at every map
  • Added World Boss Blue Dragon (Green) at Arena Event Square



Raklion Team

Posted 15-06-2024
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Currently this is only one server.