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x9999 Online

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Hunt Point


Hunting points (HPs) it's a score disputed by players that already get 5000 resets and still wanting to evolve their powers. HPs can be obtained by two ways, mining (PvM) and stealing (PvP)




  • HuntPoints are buff fortification points (8 in total) that you earn when you reach a certain stage in the game. The more hunt points you earn, the stronger your buff will become.
  • Usually, the acquired buffs that can be strengthened are: damage, wizardry, defense, max HP, atkspeed, max mana, critical damage, excellent damage, and HP recovery.
  • HuntPoints are acquired in two ways within the game. Leveling up on system-specific maps or within the Battle event, where players can steal points from other players by killing them within the event.
  • In addition, you'll be able to strengthen your huntpoints by using certain items or doing an item delivery quest.


How to farm HPs?


  • You can farm HPs in all maps where you can farm huntpoints just by killing monsters.
  • On any map, you can farm huntpoints by killing monsters, but at the same time, each map is responsible for strengthening a specific buff. For example, if you go to Icarus and type or hunt, it will tell you which buff (random) Icarus will strengthen if you farm there.




  • You can join the event by typing /battle. Or when attacking another player on one of the huntpoint-up maps, if you and he have enough points to participate, both will be pulled (mandatory) to the event.
  • The objective within the event is to kill other players and stay alive. Dead players have part of their huntpoints stolen, and those go to the player who gave the last hit on him. Disconnecting or leaving the event while hostility time is active will cause the fleeer to lose points in the same way, and these points will be distributed among the rest of the participants.
  • You will gain a boost in huntpoints as you kill players within the event; for each player killed, you will gain a % increase in your current huntpoints, making your buffs stronger during the event (the increase will only be valid within the event; by exit, your huntpoints will return to normal).
  • Points earned by killing other players within the event will only be awarded upon exiting the event. When the hostility time expires, you can only leave without penalty. Points acquired within the event will be converted into inactivity. The inactive ones will be turned into huntpoints as you farm on a hunt map.


Limitation monster kill

  • Free users 10.000 mobs | VIP 1: 20.000 mobs | VIP 2: 30.000 mobs | VIP 3: 40.000 mobs | VIP 4: 50.000 mobs | VIP 6: 60.000 mobs | VIP 7: 70.000 mobs | VIP 8: 80.000 mobs  | VIP 9: 90.000 mobs | VIP 10: 100.000 mobs


Quest Item?


  • It is also possible to create item delivery quests to strengthen your buffs (the amount of buff acquired is fixed; it does not change depending on your huntpoint).


Raklion Team

Posted 06-06-2024
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